More and more countries are finally releasing Bluetooth tracing apps for Corona. But how do you design such an app so that many people use it? Here, I wanted to share a design sketch I made a few weeks ago. It’s for a Bluetooth tracing app similar to the one in Germany or France. However, my sketch integrates some additional features to give the user an end-to-end experience. Let’s go through the screens one by one.

Adaptive Main Screen

The app starts on a simple main screen (left): A blue circle at the top indicates that Bluetooth is working. Below, cards offer additional…

Even though NeurIPS (formerly NIPS) is flooded with deep learning papers nowadays, you can still find the occasional paper on neuroscience and the brain. Here, I’ll present some of my favorite neuroscience papers from this year’s conference and explain what they can tell us about computations in the brain and beyond.

Dendritic cortical microcircuits approximate the backpropagation algorithm (Sacramento et al.)

Network structure in Sacramento et al. (2018). On the left is a three-layered network of pyramidal neurons, the right side shows the connections of one pyramidal neuron in detail.

This is my favorite paper from this year’s conference and one of the most exciting papers I’ve read recently. The authors aim to do nothing less than explaining how the neocortex (the part of the brain where basically all intelligent functions are located) might learn new tasks. Specifically, they…

TLDR: A very lightweight tutorial to object detection in images. We will bootstrap simple images and apply increasingly complex neural networks to them. In the end, the algorithm will be able to detect multiple objects of varying shapes and colors (image below). You should have a basic understanding of neural networks to follow along.

Image analysis is one of the most prominent fields in deep learning. Images are easy to generate and handle, and they are exactly the right type of data for machine learning: easy to understand for human beings, but difficult for computers. …

Johannes Rieke

Machine learning engineer

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